Madina Lake: After The Coma
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With his twin brother and bandmate recovered from a coma, Madina Lake's Nathan Leone talks about what really matters in life.

Spend a couple of minutes talking to Nathan and you'll realise that Madina Lake is deeper than it seems. Behind the studded belts and bleach blonde hair there's a story, and behind the screams there's a message. The story begins with two 12 year boys losing their mother in a car accident.

"I think a crucial thing about having that happen to us at that age was that it forced us to look at the world very differently. We learned very young to appreciate every moment and what we had, because it can vanish just like that."

Thus began a spark of thought: the idea that everything that you love can and will disappear, and that if you're not careful, the things that really matter may slip away while you are distracted by the flashing sights and sounds of the world. This is the message behind their latest album, World War III.

"We’re really interested in the prevalence of the ego in the current day and age. The whole thing about World War III isn’t a war of nations or religion per se, but a war of the self trying to let go of the ego. It's like people do all these superficial things, from photoshopping on facebook to cosmetic surgery. They waste so much time trying to be anything but themselves."

Eerily, during the making of the album, the message was made all the more poignant when Nathan's twin brother Matthew was beaten near to death defending a woman from her abusive husband. Luckily neither the bassist nor the lesson were lost.

“Matthew’s event changed all of our lives and all of our perspectives really significantly. You know, as a band it’s really scary because you never know if you’re going to be around or if you’re going to have a fan base or a label. It’s a very unstable career choice. Previously we’d always been concerned with the next step, like what to do career wise or record wise, but that took us out of a lot of amazing moments, y’know?

“Now we have Matthew back and we’ve just put out a record that we’re really really proud of, and just being able to go to Australia is a real gift. We’re just trying to enjoy it as much as possible.” World War III is out now.

Madina Lake play the following dates with Soundwave:

Sat Feb 25 - RNA Showgrounds (Brisbane)
Sun Feb 26 - Sydney Showgrounds
Fri Mar 2 - Melbourne Showgrounds
Sat Mar 3 - Bonython Park (Adelaide)
Mon Mar 5 - Claremont Showgrounds (Perth)

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